Club History


Over 30 years ago a small group of metal detectorists, about 10, came together to form the Lancaster Treasure Hunter & Coinshooter's Club.  From this humble beginning, the club has grown and evolved over the years.  Today it is known as the Lancaster Research and Recovery Club and is over one hundred members strong.  The club was originally begun as a way for these detectorists to share what they had found, stories, support and camaraderie.


Today, the LRRC is still providing support and fun for its members.  Some things we do include holding treasure hunts, displaying finds each month, invite guest speakers to educate on the hobby and historical interests, gather for family activities, participate in a national network of other great metal detecting clubs, eat great food, give away cash and prizes through raffles and 50/50 drawings, and experience the best camaraderie among friends, plus so much more!


LRRC proudly provides services to historic societies, law enforcement agencies, and charitable organizations.  We believe that metal detecting is a rewarding and beneficial hobby to be shared by any individual or family.  We do our part to uphold and respect the rights of all landowners and public officials in the preservation and protection of their property against trespass or undue damage through carelessness on the part of metal detectorists or other individuals.